Creditor's Discount & Audit Company


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  Creditors' Discount & Audit Co. is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Streator, IL

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Your professional image is important. So is your bottom line! Creditors' Discount & Audit will work hard to maintain the good reputation you have worked so hard to build and increase your bottom line. We treat your consumers with dignity!

General Experience

Founded in 1947, Creditors' Discount & Audit Company provides collection assistance to more than 2,000 clients in health-care, utilities, banking and retail. Through continued growth, CDA has expanded its operations to better serve our clients.

Data Processing

CDA utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and software with in-house data processing operations for support in collections. This contributes to our efficiency in collections, our ability to handle large volumes and to provide our clients with quick and accurate information.


CDA maintains a trained staff of collection and support personnel. We assign an experienced supervisor to an account and support that person with adequate seasoned staff to achieve the best possible results. Telephone collectors are thoroughly versed in federal and state collection laws, as well as, collection techniques.

Our employees are very conscientious and goal driven. With the aid of our central database, network and applications, we govern every collector's activity.

CDA's staff is enhanced with several retained attorneys to aid in small claim cases. As part of our usual procedures, CDA uses these attorneys as an adjunct to our collection representatives for non-litigation processing. The use of the legal department encompasses its advisory capacity, dealing with debtors' counsel, bankruptcy, probate, pre-legal collections and all litigation.

Skip Tracing

CDA does not rely solely on local credit bureaus as a locating tool. We currently have electronic access to credit bureau reports and many Internet driven sites and sources with timely updates for locating consumers.

Education and Training

CDA can make available training and education seminars for staff in collection laws, philosophy, skip tracing, telephone techniques, collection problems and solutions. As members of professional associations, we have given a number of presentations on these subjects at conferences, seminars and educational programs.

Agency Conduct

CDA conducts its business operations in full compliance with the federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Illinois Collection Act (IL Rev. State, Ch. 111, Sec. 1001, et seq.) and with the Debt Collection Practices set forth in Subchapter V of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (15 U.S.C.A. Sec. 1601, et seq.), and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations including all orders of the Federal Trade Commission, the Illinois Commerce Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).


CDA procures and maintains policies of professional insurance (Errors & Omissions) and insures performance by the agency under liability and indemnity provisions.


CDA will remit in net or gross once monthly.

Monthly and Quarterly Reports


CDA will provide our client with a precise acknowledgment of the newly listed accounts upon receipt and entry of the referrals into the agency's collection database. The acknowledgment verifies debtor names, account numbers and the dollar amounts referred. It also totals the number of accounts, the total dollar amount of each referral group and also the average age of the accounts listed.


CDA will provide our client with a debtor status report indicating the status of all active accounts. The report can be supplied quarterly, semi-annually or upon client demand.

Advancement of Court Costs

All costs of litigation will be advanced by CDA unless otherwise agreed upon conditions are made.

Credit Bureau Adverses

CDA will automatically report all listed accounts to the credit bureau. Dispositions are also automatically reported.

Consumer Communication

CDA will apply thorough telephone collection efforts on every account referred by the client, regardless of the amount due. Our collection routines have been developed to recognize that every account is important, both to our clients and our agency. The same collection processing is performed on all balances as our agency has an investment in every account referred.

Service Representative 

CDA will assign a representative to work with our client to follow-up on any possible problems areas in a timely fashion and to provide any assistance necessary to achieve desired results.

Fee Scale

CDA is a full service collection agency. We do quality work to meet your needs.

At  CDA, there is not any fee unless we collect. No collection – no cost to you. CDA will receive a standard commission at an agreed upon rate of all moneys collected on all other accounts collected.


Legal action is only taken with your signed consent. CDA pays all court costs and attorney fees for legal accounts. The power of litigation is an important tool for collections. Without the advantage of legal suits, the FDCPA will not allow warning of additional costs, or the possibility of wage garnishments unless there is intent to follow that course of action. Lack of litigation takes away from effective collection options.