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Every collection agency will tell you they have “Outstanding Customer Service.” But do they really? Ask yourself if your agency performs the following services:

  • Free A/R assessment conducted in your office.
  • Free training seminars in your office or on-line.
  • Hand-delivered checks.
  • Regular business reviews.
  • Client Services representatives.
  • Customized reports.
  • Cell phone number of the company’s owners.
  • Monthly newsletters with collection tips.


We know that your reputation is important. We do our best to treat your clients with dignity and respect. Also, we do our best to protect your information along with the consumers’. Here are some of our best practices:

  • We adhere to the Fair Debt Collections Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Guidelines, and all state and federal collection laws.
  • Inbound and outbound call recording.
  • Bankruptcy and deceased scrubbing. 
  • On-line secured consumer payment portal.
  • Disaster plan back-up.
  • Secured electronic file-sharing (FTP).
  • Pre-collection bankruptcy scrubs.
  • Skiptracing tools.


  • CDA has been in the debt collection business since 1947.
  • The owners have over 100 years of collection experience.
  • Two of the owners have been President of the Illinois Collector’s Association.
  • We have many clients that have been partners with us for over 20 years.


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