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3rd Party Collections:

The client assigns accounts directly to CDA on a contingency fee basis. Our Team works on the accounts per The Collection Process.

Early-Out Programs:

Early-Out programs are very flexible and are designed to work a list of accounts much faster and more efficiently than in-house staff prior to going to traditional collections.

Collections Litigation:

Legal action is only taken with your signed consent. CDA pays all court costs and attorney fees for legal accounts. The power of litigation is an important tool for collections. Without the advantage of legal suits, the FDCPA will not allow warning of additional costs, or the possibility of wage garnishments unless there is intent to follow that course of action. Lack of litigation takes away collection muscle.

Extended Business Office:

Through CDA’s extended business office services, we provide a seamless extension to your office helping you recover greater revenues at a lower cost.

Payment Monitoring:

CDA takes over processing consumer payments and billing. If the consumer does not settle their account, we assist in moving the account into the next collection option per the client's approval.

We take pride in providing a collections program that fits your needs.  We offer flexible programs and strive to provide you with the best possible customer service.

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