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Revenue Recovery Partnerships...

Celebrating Over 50 Years in Revenue Cycle Management!

Creditors’ Discount and Audit has been a family-owned business since 1971.  For over 50 years, we have provided revenue recovery assistance to thousands of clients in the healthcare, banking, utilities, and retail industries.  We hold integrity, honesty, and fairness as the cornerstone of our business.  We are passionate about our business and believe deeply in the value that we bring to our clients and to the economy.

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Walking the tightrope …

How to get paid without alienating your customers

We understand that you’re walking a tightrope. You need to get paid, but you also don’t want to ruin your image as caring professionals and risk alienating the very people you’re trying to serve.

It’s a balancing act. We understand that. There are proven methods to get the payments you deserve without going through a lot of heartburn. We will be glad to come to the office and train your employees in the latest revenue recovery techniques.

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Ethical Standards Compliance

We have maintained a reputation as an ethical company by complying with the numerous policies and laws that govern our industry.  All of our employees are given ongoing training.

Working within the policies of our individual client companies, as well as federal and state laws governing the credit and collections industry, is our highest priority and ensures our clients’ trust in us.

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